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by Deborah Shelton Wood


I, Thomas Whitlock, of the County of Cumberland and State of Kentucky, do make and ordain this to be, my Last Will and Testament in the following manner and form.

In the first place, I allow all my estate, both real and personal, to be valued by two auditors and interested men, chosen by my executors for that purpose

And as for my Negroes, I do not wish them to be sold by any (of) my family of children; therefore, I shall dispose of them in the following manner; that is, I give and bequeath to my daughter, Sarah Brooks, my Negro woman named Lucy and her largest child, named Perlina, at their value, to be settled in her part of my estate;

Also I give and bequeath to my daughter, Nancy Bryson, a Negro boy named Elford and a Negro girl named Kiza, at their value, to be settled in her part of my estate;

I also give and bequeath to my son in law, William Hannah*, my Negro man named Ben, at his value to be settled in his part of my estate;

Then all the balance of my estate, both real and personal, I allow to be sold on a credit of 12 months, and the money arising from such, I shall dispose of in the following manner:

That is to say, first I allow all my just debts and demands against me to be settled and paid;

And I give and bequeath to my granddaughters, the heirs of my son, Charles Whitlock, deceased, two dollars in full, of their part of my estate; and then the balance and remainder of the money arising from the sale of my estate and one hundred dollars in silver, which I loaned to my son in law, John Hammons and all other debts due to me, I allow to be divided equally to my three daughters, Sarah Brooks, Nancy Bryson and Milly Hust (Hurst), and to my two sons in law, William Hannah* and John Hammons, all which receive an equal part of the money from the sale and the other debts due me, counting the value and price of the Negroes, in their part of my estate, to whom they are bequeathed.

I likewise do constitute, make and ordain George Swope and William Wood, Gentlemen, sole executors of this, my Last Will and Testament. I do hereby utterly disallow, revoke and disannul every former Will and Testament, ratifying and confirming this alone and no other to be my Last Will and Testament, in witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal, this 22nd of January 1824.

Thomas Whitlock (seal)

Isaac Taylor
Wm. M. Peery
James Peery

The evaluation was signed by Wm. Wood and P.H. Williams and the appraisal was recorded together with the Will on the 19th of January 1831, Cumberland County, Kentucky.

*Note:( My interpretation of this name from the original handwriting is Hannah. On both occasions, the writing is not clear, some have his name as Hamack or Cammack.)

Source: Transcribed by my own hand, Deborah Shelton Wood, descendant of Thomas and Hannah Whitlock by a copy of the original document provided me by Peter M. Whitlock, Whitlock Family Association.

To be used for non-profit only with proper sourcing.

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