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Charles Madison Shelton Estate

Patrick County, Virginia

Transcribed and presented by Deborah Shelton Wood


Estate Record: Charles Madison Shelton
Patrick County, Virginia

Transcribed from copy of original document from Patrick County, Virginia Courthouse, by Deborah Shelton Wood

Final Account of:
THE ESTATE OF CHAS. M. SHELTON, DECEASED, In account with W. S. Gilbert, Admr.  Dec 19 1931


The estate to be divided into nine original shares, under order of Circuit Court of Patrick County, entered in chancery cause of Jathina Shelton, et als Vs. Viola Roberts, et als, at the June Term, 1932, as follows:

Jathina Shelton, widow 1/9th

Nannie E Adams 1/9th

Mary S Adams 1/9th

Jennie Roberts 1/9th

George Shelton 1/9th

Maggie L Frazier 1/9th

Bert L. Morris 1/9th

Florence A Campbell 1/9th

Minnie Roberts dec'd. 1/9

she left five children, to wit:

Trudie Turner 1/5th of 1/9th

Georgia Roberts 1/5th of 1/9th

Sally Winn 1/5th of 1/9th

Leila Roberts 1/5th of 1/9th

Viola Roberts, infant 1/5th of 1/9th

Check to J. S. Taylor, Clerk for infant.

In the office of the Commissioner of Accounts of the Circuit Court of Patrick County, Virginia, on the 11th day of May, 1933.

W. S. Gilbert, Administrator of Chas. M. Shelton, deceased, has exhibited before me, F. P. Burton, Commissioner of Accounts, a statement of all money which he received, or became chargeable with, or disbursed, within the period beginning on the ____day of __19_, and ending on the ___day of____. 1933, together with vouchers for disbursements; and I have stated and settled, and now report the foregoing account of transactions of said fiduciary, showing no balance due.

Respectfully submitted,

F. P. Burton, Commissioner of Accounts.

At a Circuit Court continued and held for the County of Patrick at the Courthouse therof on the 15th day of June, 1933. W. S. Gilbert, Administrator of C. M. Shelton, deceased, final account. The settlement was this day presented to the Court, and it appearing that no exceptions have been filed thereto in 30 days prior to the date, the same is approved and it is ordered that it be spread on the record of fiduciary of the this Court in the Clerk's Office.

TESTE: Eva Gilbert, D. Clerk.


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