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Deed: Thomas and Elizabeth D. Shelton, Grantors
Peter T. Shelton, Grantee (their son)
Patrick County, Virginia

Transcribed by Deborah Shelton Wood

This Deed, made this nineteenth day of August in the year One thousand eight-hundred and eighty-four, between Thomas Shelton and Elizabeth D., his wife, of the County of Patrick in the State of Virginia, of the first part and Peter T Shelton, of the county and state aforesaid, of the second part; witnesseth that in consideration of the sum of one hundred dollars, the said Thomas Shelton and Elizabeth D., his wife, do grant unto the said Peter D. [sic] Shelton with general warranty of a certain piece or parcel of land containing 20 acres more or less situated on South Mayo River below Campbell Mill and bounded as follows to wit: Beginning at pointer on the South bank of said river formerly white oak, a corner in the old line, pointers now down and under rock, planted where stump once stood, thence down the river East-42 poles, to pointer on same stump, only left and a rock planted, then off S26 W80 poles to a stake, now stone, then S88 W26 poles, to pointers in old line, that line 76 poles to the beginning.

The said Thomas Shelton and Elizabeth D., his wife, convenant that they have the right to convey the said land to the grantee, that they have done no act to incumber the said land, that the grantee shall have quiet-possession of the said land free from all encumbrances, and that Thomas Shelton and Elizabeth D. Shelton, parties of the first part will execute such further appertances of the land as may be requisite.

Witnesseth the following signatures and seals.

Thomas Shelton (seal)

Elizabeth D. Shelton (seal)

20th day of August 1884

L. G. Rucker Clerk

Note: Thomas, son of Josiah and Fathey Ford Shelton; Elizabeth, daughter of C. Anderson Allen and Sarah Tilley.