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by Deborah Shelton Wood, Descendant



1. Henry FORD was born proabably around 1730, and died 1807 in Pittsylvania Co VA. He married Frances. We are uncertain who Henry's parents were. All we know about his wife is that she was apparently living when Henry wrote his Last Will & Testament in 1806. Henry Ford, sometimes spelled Foard, died in 1807, Pittsylvania Co VA. In his Will he names wife, Frances and his sons and daughters. Most of their children were born and raised in Charlotte Co VA. I've estimated his birth years as 1730-1739 based on the birth dates of his known children.

Henry FORD and Frances had these known children,

+ 2 i. John FORD was born ABT 1766 in VA, and died 10 Oct 1849 in Cleveland Co NC. He first married Frances Haynes in 1791, Charlotte Co VA. He secondly married Elizabeth Brizendine in 1798, Charlotte Co VA.

John and second wife Elizabeth Brizendine are buried at the "BRIZENDINE-FORD CEMETERY" near Lawndale in Cleveland Co NC.

+ 3 ii. Elisha FORD was born circa 1767. Although young, he served in the American Revolution. He names his father in his pension application and is listed in the 1840 Veterans census for Pittsylvania Co VA, where he inherited his parents' plantation. He married Rebecca Haley in 1807 Halifax Co VA. His son was Byrd H Ford who married Louisa Colley and removed to Randolph Co AL. There must have been other children for Elisha, but I know only of Byrd and Mary. Mary born 1810-1815 married Singleton Chaney in 1829, Pittsylvania Co VA.

+ 4 iii. Sarah FORD was born ABT 1770 in VA.

Sarah married James Murphy in 1796, Halifax Co VA. They had one son that I know about. He removed to Maury Co TN where he produced ten known children with two marriages.

+ 5 iv. Elizabeth FORD was born ABT 1771 in VA , and died 1847 in VA . She married Harrison Ashworth in 1791, Charlotte Co VA. Descendants were in WV and KY as well as other parts of VA.

+ 6 v. Thomas FORD was born ABT 1773. He and his younger brother, William, married on the same day in Charlotte Co VA and the families moved together, first to NC and then to Hawkins Co TN (the location later became Hancock Co TN). He married Rebecca Burton.

+ 7 vi. William FORD was born ABT 1775 in VA. He married Dicey Callicot who was the widow of Ligon Vaughn. They lived in TN. I know of only three children born to them, but I assume there were more.

+ 8 vii. Jarrold , Gerald or Jarratt FORD was born 1776 in MD/VA. He married Nancy Haley in 1805, Halifax Co VA. One of his children states in a census record,that Jarrold was born in MD, which is considered a clue as to Henry Ford's parentage. Descendants were in East Tennessee and Dallas TX. A son, was named William Henry Ford. He married Nancy Gill. They lived in Johnson City, TN and had seven children that I know of. Gerald and Nancy had daughter, Parthenia who married Thomas B Turner and had five known children.

+ 9 viii. Fathey FORD was born ABT 1779. She is my direct ancestor. She married Josiah Shelton, Jr in Halifax Co VA. In her father's Will she is twice called Futhy Shelton. The name then looks to be Fathey on he marriage record. Perhaps it was a nickname for Frances.

Most of their descendants were in Patrick Co VA.

10 ix. Mary FORD was born ABT 1782. She was called Polly. In 1803 she married Ambrose Haley in Pittsylvania Co VA. This Ambrose Haley was the son of Lewis and Leannah Haley and a descendant of the Rev Ambrose Haley. I lose track of them after their marriage.

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Cousins, Larry Isley and Gay Edens Carrigan.