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by Deborah Shelton Wood


In the name of God Amen, I Henry Foard of Pittsylvania County &, State of Virginia am weak in body but have my Common Reason mind and understanding at present and do Make and Ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following, that is
I give to my oldest Son John Foard the tract of land whereon he now lives coming on to the Dividing line between this and Elisha Foard.
Also I give to my son Jarrald Foard a tract of land lying on Prestridges branch bounded by Stokeley Turner and Gideon Raglands and William Thompsons lands and a line between that and Elisha Foards running up Kellys Spring branch to my back line a north ?course?.
Also I give to my son Elisha Foard the Trail of land lying between my son John Fords tract and my son Jarralds land the place where I now live.
Also I give to my son Elisha Foard my boy Alen.
Also I give to my well beloved wife Frances Foard my negro Will, and Betty and Suse
during he life or widowhood.
Also at my wifes death I will these three negroes Will and Betty and Suse to be equally divided between Elisabeth Asher (Ashworth) and Futhy Shelton and Polly Haly (Haley).
Also I give to my Daughter Sarah Murphy the negro garl(sic) Edy she has now in possession also I will that (next page marked 303) my son John Foard should pay to my son William Foard Fifty Dollars within twelve months after my Deceas(sic) his having his land now in possession.
Also I will that my son Jarald Foard pay to my Son Thomas Foard Fifty Dollars within twelve months after my Decease as I have Willed to Jarrald that tract of Land before mentioned.
Also I will that my Son Elisha Foard pay to my son Thomas Foard Fifty Dollars within twelve months after my decease as I have willed Elisha the land where I now live.
Also I will and give the tract of land and plantation to my well beloved wife where we now live during her life or widowhood and at her deceas(e) Elisha to take it in possession.
Also I will that my wife, Frances Ford have four Choyse (choice) Cattle also six head of Sheep also ten head of hogs her choyse (choice) also one fether (feather) bed and furniture and Grind Stone, at her decease it all belongs to Elisha Foard.
Also I will that my beloved wife have free previledge (privilege) of all my houshold (sic) furniture during her life or widowhood. Also I will that my son Jarald Foard have my negro boy Charles, also I will that the household furniture all except the bed and furniture that Elisha Foard is to have at my wifes deceas(e), all be equally divided between Elizabeth Asher (Ashworth) Futhy Shelton Sarah Murphy and Polly Haly as I will that one horse be for the use of the plantation and the rest sold to pay my Just Debts.
Also I will that the ballance (balance) of my Stock that is not willed to be sold and after all my Just Debts is paid the ballance (sic) equally Divided among my sons.
Also I will to my son Jarrald Foard my Sorrel Colt.
Also I will that as I have given Elisha Foard the gratest (sic) porshon (sic) that he take grate(sic) care of his mother, it is for that intent I have given him the most.
Also I will or make and ordain that Beverly Barksdale, William Thomson, John Shelton, Washington Thomson be my Executors to act for me or for my Children in Witness to the above -?- Will, I here(with?) set my hand and Seal this twenty first day of November one Thousand eight Hundred and Six_______________-

Henry X Foard (Seal)

Signed Sealed in presence
of us Test.
Gideon Ragland Sen.
Gideon Ragland Jun.
William Ragland

At a Court held for Pittsylvania County the 16 Day of February 1807
This last Will and Testament of Henry Foard Deceased was presented in Court and proved by the Oaths of the three Subscribing Witnesses. And Ordered to be Recorded. And on the motion of William Thompson one of the Executors therein named who made Oath According to Law and with Thomas Shelton, Gideon Ragland and James Murphy his Securities entered into and Acknowledged their Bons (sic) in the penalty of Three Thousand Dollars conditioned as the Law Directs Certificate is granted him for Obtaining a Probate of the said Will in due form and leave in reserve for the other Executors therein named to join in the probate when they shall think fit.

Teste: Will Tunstall (3 initials)

Examined (written in margin)

From Pittsylvania County Courthouse copy, my own transcription.

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