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by Deborah Shelton Wood


Deed Bk 16 73
Thomas Shelton from Deed
Ben J. Campbell

This Deed, made the 17th day of July 1857, between Ben J. Campbell, acting in the premises as a commissioner appointed by the court for the purpose of the first part, and Thomas Shelton of the second part. Witnesseth that whereas by a decree of the county court of Patrick County, made at its May term 1857 in a chancery suit then and now still therein a-pending ?, wherein the said Thomas Shelton is plaintiff and Asa Wood and Polly, his wife, formerly Polly Allen, rather, the heirs and distributers of Anderson Allen dec'd. are defendants, the said Ben J. Campbell was appointed a commissioner of said court, to convey by deed with special warranty to the said Thomas Shelton, a certain tract of land, which is the subject of said suit, now in consideration of the premises, and for the further consideration of one dollar? to the said Campbell in hand paid by the said Shelton, the receipt which is hereby acknowledged, the said Ben J. Campbell doth grant unto the said Thomas Shelton, all the said tract of land, described by the county surveyor M. L. Lawson, in plat of his, which is made an exhibit in said suit marked "A" as follows, to wit: 111 acres of land, lying in the county of Patrick, on the head waters of Spoon Creek bounded as follows, to wit, beginning at a fallen red oak on a branch thence with old lines, N63 E112 poles to a dead chestnut tree and pointers S36 E147 po crossing main road to pointers in Reynolds line, S77 W48 po to pointers in the former old line. Hence that line, S22 W73 po to pointers N?82 W44 po crossing branch to chestnut tree and red oak in said line ---? a division line between said Shelton and H C Dallon N7 W70 po (crossing main road and branch) to a --stake?. (formerly Pa---ers?, on a branch thence up the same and meanders N37 W86 po to the fire station and the said Ben J Campbell, comr. as aforesaid hereby covenants and agrees to and with the said Thomas Shelton to warrant the title to said land specially on a comr. aforesaid.

Witnesseth the following signatures
Ben J. Campbell (seal)

Virginia Patrick County Court Clerks office 20th July 1857

This Deed was exhibited in said office
acknowledged by Ben J. Campbell comr. the grantor, and admitted to record.
L. G. Rucker D.C.


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